"No blog is perfect... It needs to be made perfect.
  But it should be in a practical and systematic manner."
We at feemenu.info provide the required source code and build tips a practical approach. That is why to-day we are having good number of visitors and followers.

OUR JOURNEY STARTED: We, some of the like-minded friends of the old engineering college, previously depended on the social network sites for discussing formal issues/ sharing information/ knowing new trends. Now-a-days there are plenty of web sites /bogs are coming in niche and individual sections apart from the social media. Most of them are simple and some of them are not having proper coding skills.

During an in-depth discussion, the idea of designing a separate website to help those sites for developing designing techniques was materialized - thus www.freemenu.info has been developed. With the advice and help of our internet friends, we started this website to share information with the webinars to inform, share and discuss the little information we have about html / css / jquery tips and building back links for their tiny blogs /websites. Now, we are receiving tremendous response for which, we are very much thankful to all the webinars. We also sincerely try our best to provide the latest seo tips and tricks on need basis.

  • Some of the bloggers perfectly know how to design a blog /site and post good contents regularly but fail to circulate the pages properly and attract readers due to lack of SEO skills. We provide consultancy services required for that with our driven force and experience.
  • In this site, we will share to all our readers or followers all that things that we learn, discover and some tips and tricks that we pick up or search on the net aiming to give them in handy information and encourage them to create better and useful blogs/sites with good seo.
  • This website is purely a non-profitable and information sharing web site for general public.Considering our vast market knowledge and dedicated team, we try to suggest the latest / suitable tips and tricks; inform about the new trends in seo and also provide necessary guidance in this segment.
  • We use the Social links on Face book, Twitter, Linked In and Google plus for projecting your contents so that the articles would get huge market polarization. Our digital marketing experts will implement a powerful online marketing strategy including web design, SEO, practical back links building techniques to ensure a professional customized solution for your blog/site.
  • With the internet info and with our analysis tools, we provide suitable seo strategy on efficient and simple manner that too in a brief and handy presentation.
  • The purpose of www.freemenu.info is to provide high quality Educational tutorials about SEO skills and link building strategies. These tutorials are provided for free and only for students, bloggers or web masters. This is one type of social service.
  • We do arrange all these tips and tricks for the general information purpose only with a goal of betterment of blog /website development.
  • We try our best to maintain harmonic interaction among bloggers /webinars so as to develop healthy friendship resulting in good admin-follower relations.
  • Building the better relations between employee and employer , so that the team will work in a creative / challenged pattern and tasks and are completed in time –thus serving the nation with a patriotic touch.
  • By suggesting good / practical seo techniques to get quality blogs and optimized sites , so that the blog owners will focus on contents instead of SEO - thus saving their time.
We love to help the blogs and at the same time do love to know from our bloggers so that their experience will be helpful to other bloggers /sites. If you would like to contact us: click here

If you do not agree with any of our disclaimer, please do not read the material on any of our pages. For further information, you may contact our panel editor: info@freemenu.info

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